Doesn’t being healthy seem so easy in the summer?

The warm weather keeps you eating right with lots of fresh fruits and veggies and the desire to be outside gets your body moving and your family active. Autumn’s arrival and back to school doesn’t have to mean abandoning everything about summer. The healthy habits that come naturally with dairy feed can be easily carried into the fall and winter months too.

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I’ve always thought fall is when we should make resolutions. With schedules getting back into routine, it does seem like a time to mix in some good habits to stay on track. So why not take some of those summer habits and turn them into year long ones?!

Don’t Sweat the Rush

flintstoneDon’t beat yourself up if your family’s rushed schedule doesn’t get your kids the full rainbow of nutrients. FLINTSTONES Active Kids® Gummies can help bridge dietary gaps as a source of vitamins and minerals in a convenient and tasty gummy. Even if your picky little one is on a chicken-finger- only diet, you’ll know that FLINTSTONES® is there to help.

Exercise Regularly

Being active in the summer months can seem so easy – with the sun shining, there’s no excuse not to get outdoors. But come autumn, the cold can lead many of us to put aside our exercise routine in exchange for fall TV premieres, all the sports at once, and Netflix binges.

My solution? Remember that working on your fitness doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym, just pick something that gets you moving and motivated. Try taking the stairs at the office instead of the elevator, enroll in a fun fall fitness challenge with your friends so you all stay motivated together, or take the family out for long walks in the falling leaves!

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Avoid Autumn Blues

Allergies don’t just happen in the spring. If ragweed season is hitting you hard, try Claritin® for allergy symptom relief. The convenient non-drowsy format will help you feel your best. Check your local region’s pollen count, and if the number is high, allergies and allergy symptoms may be just around the corner. So be prepared and have Claritin® on hand! If you’re already feeling under the weather, AERIUS® can help battle an allergy-induced cough before it gets out of hand.

Summer Skincare

Taking care of your skin should be a year-round focus. The winter sun’s rays, although weaker, can still do damage without you even noticing it. A lightweight sunscreen like Coppertone® Clearly Sheer® for face and body can help protect you against sun burns. . You won’t even notice it’s there while it screens UVA and UVB rays to provide broad spectrum protection

Getting back into your schedule can make the summer seem fleeting, but don’t worry. If you have these habits in place all year long, you’ll feel like summer will come back around in a flash!

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