Summer Camps in Calgary

Summer camps in Calgary have had their registrations open for a few months already.  Some camps started registration back in January and February.

But don’t worry, if you still don’t know which summer camps in Calgary your kids should be in, I’ve got some fun, unique, different, and interesting ideas to keep your kids entertained all summer long.

From science to art, exercise to math, there are dozens, hundreds, thousands of ways for your kids to get out and discover something different this summer. Here are some great summer camps in Calgary how to register, and more info to keep your kids active this summer!


HeroheadsHeroheads is a half day program for kids 4-8 yrs old to participate in body movement exercises to hone their superhero skills. The kids practice the Heroheads Super 7 Skills,which are based off of the Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD):

Locomotion (run, jump, skip and climb), agility, throwing, catching, blaance, kicking, and hand-eye coordination.

Upon completion of the week long program, they are presented with their cape and mask to cement their status as Heroheads!  Team up this half day camp with one of the great learn to ride camps at Pedalheads, and you have a full day of fun and learning activities for your kids.

2. Unusual Engineering at TELUS Spark

Discover the possibilities of weird and wonderful materials. Construct a tower from spaghetti and marshmallows and design an animal with nothing but newspaper – building in unexpected ways will give you a new appreciation for the possibilities of the world around you.

TELUS Spark Science Camp

3. Skillz Quest at TELUS Spark

Your mission, should you choose to book this camp is to gain as many real skills as you can in one week. Earning a coveted badge for each new skill, campers will try their hands at everything from archery to cooking to woodworking to old-fashioned fire starting. Come with a taste for adventure and the courage to try something new!

4. Sport and Adventure at Winsport

A WinSport Sport & Adventure camp introduces a multitude of sports and activities: the spiderweb, climbing wall, trampolines, biathlon, ski jumping, luge, zipline, a hike to the mythical “big rock” on Paskapoo Slopes, and a wide range of sports are all a part of this multi-disciplined approach to adventure. The goal is to build athleticism and a foundation of fundamental movement skills by providing children with intentional and exceptional instruction.

winsport summer camps

5. Bikes and Blades at Winsport

Bikes and Blades camp which gets kids challenged on the ice and the mountain bike trails. They’ll spend a half day on the ice at the venue where Hockey Canada greats train, and the other half of the day getting outside and exploring the trails of Paskapoo Slopes. For kids who want some ice time, but don’t need it to dominate life, these camps strike a balance.

6. Stop Motion Movie Making at Bricks 4 Kidz

Lights, camera, LEGO® action! This unique camp allows your child to use the medium of bricks to tell their story, complete with music, special effects and all their favorite LEGO® minifigures! Participants creativity will be encouraged as they plan, script, stage, shoot and produce their own mini-movie using Stop Motion.

7. Jr Robotics and Remote Controls at Bricks 4 Kidz

Using LEGO’s® We-Do drag-and-drop icon based software (designed specifically for elementary ages), sensors and remote controls; your child will further customize their builds by adding sound and motion. An excellent introduction into the world of computer programming and robotics that will ignite their imagination with possibilities in today’s technological world.

8. Outdoor Adventures at MRU

Kids can learn safety and survival skills while hiking in Kananaskis and Fish Creek Park. Experience the waters of Glenmore Reservoir by canoe, kayak or dragon boat and get some valuable paddling tips from certified instructors at the Calgary Canoe Club. Tackle hills, bumps, dirt and puddles on mountain bike day trips.

MRU Kids SUmmer Camp

9. CATS at MRU

Computers, Arts, Theatre and Science (CATS) will have kids experimenting with e-scrapping and making some freaky modifications to ordinary digital images. They will create colourful collages, mixed-media sculptures, papier mâché creations and much more in the art studio. They’ll also develop original skits, short plays and puppet shows based on the week’s themes. Create chemical reactions and make multi-coloured slime, build edible volcanoes and demonstrate conservation by making recycled paper in science.

10. Packs and Pixels at UofC

In a flash we will have kids thinking about how to capture amazing photographs of their trips adventuring in the backcountry. They will learn the ins and outs of their point-and-shoot cameras and how to shoot a variety of different photo styles, including action, macro, nature, landscape, and portraits. On the last day kids will learn the basics of photo editing and they will get to work together to create a visual log from their experiences, which they will present to the group!

UofC Summer Camps

11. Vet Camp at UofC

The week-long experience will introduce kids to the many things vets do, including hands-on work with dogs and horses. Campers will jump in the saddle and learn to take a heart rate; explore how a cow’s stomach works; scrub, gown and glove for a mock surgery; work through a case to find a diagnosis; practise with surgery simulators and much more. They’ll look the part too, with a scrub top to wear and take home.

Disclosure: The summer camp providers listed here are brand partners of cyberbuzz media.

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