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[twitter]Every summer, families across Canada plan a road trip of some sort. It may be a couple of hours to a lake or cabin, it may be across a province, or across the country.

Growing up, we did it all. Our family took summer trips from Vancouver to the Okanagan in BC, down to the Oregon Coast, and I’ve been across Canada 3 times (all before I was 16).

Now, my own family’s summer roadtripping consists of several weekend camping excursions, one longer jaunt to Montana from our home in Calgary, and a long haul to Vancouver to visit family and friends. Roadtripping is a necessary evil when it comes to summer vacationing, often the journey is mostly non-eventful with a few painful patches.

But what if you could turn the roadtrip into THE adventure of your summer?

Subaru Canada is inspiring families to experience the adventure and adrenaline of rally racing with the launch of the Forester Family Rally for a chance to win a 2014 Subaru Forester. You’d better hurry up, last chance to enter is June 9, 2013.

Subaru forester family rally

The campaign challenges Canadian families to sign up online for a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to participate in Subaru-hosted rally events where they will go head-to-head will competing against other families in a rally race.

“The new 2014 Forester really puts the ‘sport’ back in SUV,” says Geoff Craig, director of marketing, Subaru Canada. “The campaign cleverly proves how everyday drivers can tackle a variety of terrains with confidence, reinforcing how the Forester is different from other compact SUVs, with its all-wheel-drive and superior road handling capabilities.”

Qualifying families will be chosen and notified June 17,2013

Rally races will begin in August 2013, when Subaru Canada will fly five qualifying families to Tremblant, Quebec for an all-expense-paid, action-packed, rally-themed competition.

Watch the tv spot below. I’m guessing your family didn’t laugh that much on your last roadie. I can just imagine the thrilled/terrified looks on Charlie and Zacharie in the back seat as my wife would plow through mud, over logs, and along cliffs. So awesome. Race you to enter?!

Thanks to Subaru for making a donation to Team Diabetes in exchange for this sponsored content.

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