Stupid Parents With Stupid Strollers

There’s a radio message board I read that went wildly off topic this weekend flame throwing at parents in this post by Mike Cleaver.

Why is it that parents think they need to bring their toddlers in strollers to crowded public events?

And it’s not just those one child models but many are pushing the SUV models for two or three.

Case in point, the Kitsilano Farmers Market, which opened for the season today. I arrived just after it opened but already, a sea of strollers blocking access to the vendors and being aggressively pushed through the crowds.

What do the toddlers get out of this?

Another group thought it was ok to stand in the middle of the main aisle and have a yak-fest.

It simply pisses off the people who come to patronize the farmers trying to sell their products.

Apart from the fact that Mike is a grumpy old man whose attitude on this board is nothing short of belligerent and confrontational on the sunniest of days, I have to agree with the theme of what he’s saying. Countless times we’ve hit events where kids of walking age are being shuffled around in strollers. Sure, you paid $900 for it, but by the time they’re 18 months, they should be fine walking.

There is an exception to the rule, however. Our youngest, is just 17 months and for much of this spring I’ve felt guilty having him wrangled in a stroller. But when it’s one parent on two kids, they can easily divide and conquer. If you need a stroller in case they get tired, grab a tiny one that won’t get in the way – they’re $10. Or use your shoulders, that’s what dads were made for.

Later in the thread Adam Buckley, another grumplestiltskin, weighed in.

It’s because parents with babies and young children believe they’re entitled to do everything other people are allowed to do. It’s the same with taking their little pain-in-the-asses to the movies so they can cry and ruin it for the rest of the families, or taking them to restaurants so they can do that really loud “shriek” thing that children do (my children will be told once, that if they do that again ,their voice boxes will be removed and not replaced until they’re 20) and ruin other people’s nights out. Dual parent households need to just have one stay home while the other shops, and also realize their social life is over until the kid is either at an age that they can look after themselves, or until they can afford a babysitter. I’m not sure why people believe that their children should equally burden everyone else as much as themselves, but I don’t believe in the whole “it takes a village” nonsense… you were stupid enough to have them, you raise em yourself and in a manner that isn’t going to affect my day.

Once again, great theme, tastelessy written.

We are the ME generation – and it’s time to let go. Things change when you have kids. You can’t bring your toddler to Fast Five (heard a story about it) and you can’t bring your kids to many of your favourite restaurants. Truth is, for a few years one of you gets to have fun while the other stays home, or get a sitter.

Yes, it’s different than what you’re used to. Yes, it sucks. Guess what? It’s your new normal.

Just because we’re breeders doesn’t mean we have to make our choice inconvenient for the rest of society.

It’s like the drunk camping guy. He’s picked so many fights and that booze is banned from many Provincial Parks in Alberta on long weekends. Many of us know how to have a couple beers and keep quiet.

Same goes for parents – many of us realize the boundaries and respect them – it’s the alpha parent that’s ruining the reputation for the rest of us.


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