Stress Free Family Dinner – Is It Possible?

2008-05-17 mango (31)

[twitter]Last night I did a Face Time chat with the family while they were having dinner in Calgary and I was home late from the pub in Scotland.

I love living in the future. The other day I did a Face Time chat with them while they were in a parking lot and I was on a train. Love.

It was a hectic time for Jen on her own both the boys. Perhaps talking face-to-face with Daddy on the screen amped up the energy a little bit, but they were constantly goofing off, making faces, and giggling. I felt bad for Jen having to deal with it on her own for the past week. Dinner time in our place is never an easy task. What should take 20 minutes often takes an hour. Negotiations on meals, urging to consume said negotiated meal, and then clean up seems to take forever.

I recently participated in a roundtable chat hosted by Bunch Family with other moms talking about dinner routines and whether or not the stress free family dinner actually exists.

You can read the chat here.

Thanks to Bunch Family for sponsoring Team Diabetes Canada in exchange for participation in this program.

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