When I held my kids as they slept late at night (or mid afternoon), I may have looked at those fresh bundles once or twice and whispered, in a heavy breath, “I am your father.” How can a dad who grew up with the stories from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away NOT do that?!

I have loved Star Wars since I was 7. The first record  I ever got was The Star Wars Story, a condensed version of the film, on vinyl. I don’t know how many times I saw Star Wars, but I’m  sure I’ve listened to it hundreds of times.

When it came to creative writing in school, I wrote legions of books about Star Wars, expanding the story beyond Episode IV.

Star Wars Fan Fiction

So, is it any wonder, that I would share this sci-fi love with my kids?!

It was a camping trip in the summer of 2012 when Zacharie first watched Star Wars. He was aware of the interplanetary tale long before that, but I told him he needed to be 5 before I would let him watch.

And ever since that July day, Star Wars has been a part of our lives.

When it came time to turn his bedroom into a “big boy room,” I dressed it all up in Star Wars gear

star wars room

When he went to Disneyland with his grandparents as part of a family tradition, he spent all his time at the Jedi Academy trying to become “a real Jedi.”

Jedi Academy Zacharie

When Zacharie and I had a chance to explore a local comic expo, he dressed like Darth Vader and we did a tour of the town.

Darth Vader Rides An Escalator

And then Charlie. His exposure to Star Wars came earlier than his brothers (of course the leash is always looser for the second), but he’s been just as passionate. He would watch Empire over and over when he first was allowed to watch. “I don’t like when Darth Vader‘s face melts, Daddy,” he would explain if I ever offered to fire up episodes I-III, so we would stick with V.

When we went on vacation, he and his brother would have mock light saber battles, and I’d make with photoshop magic.

He too became a Jedi, just like his brother.

Charlie Jedi Academy

I remember Charlie trembling at the sight of the real Darth Vader when we explored the Star Wars: Identities exhibit.

Darth Vader at Star Wars Identities

And now that the series has been brought back to life, it’s not just my childhood nostalgia I’m sharing with my sons, but it’s a discovery of new stories and adventures. Star Wars is the common denominator between us. I’m not really a fan of the silly cartoons they binge on Netflix, but I will say yes to Star Wars every time.

Just in time for Father’s Day, Disney is celebrating with a video release acknowledging the bond between fathers and sons and daughters and Star Wars. 

This year, let’s wish each other Happy I Am Your Father’s Day.

Share the video with your father, father friends, or those who love Star Wars. Here’s a contest to nudge you along:

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