How To Make a Stainless Steel Fridge Family Friendly

[twitter]Our fridge has been falling apart. The shelves have been cracking. It’s too small. It’s black. Although you couldn’t tell with all the art on it.

After a couple of good nights at the poker table and selling some old baby stuff on Kijiji, we got the $1200 to get a new fridge.

We wanted stainless, because that’s sleek and modern, right?

Now that we have the nice new, bigger fridge, we’ve lost a piece of our family. Old fridges are magnetic on the front, the perfect place to display calendars. crafts, photos, and reminders. All that is gone with our sleek, non-magnetized new fridge. All that makes a fridge the center piece of a home with children has been lost.

So now the question: do we leave it looking clean or do we just switch from magnets to tape?

How do you display your photos, crafts, calendars and coupons you need to use when your stainless fridge isn’t a magnet for childhood art?

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