As the calendar gets ready to turn to May, I’m still waiting for spring. We have had an unbearably long winter this year and I have a long list of things I need to get after.

What I especially like about spring is that it always brings with it a sense of refresh, defined, of course, by some great spring traditions. My spring traditions have evolved over the years, but I think I’ve just about landed on my favourites below – these help me jump right into spring feeling my very best!

1  The Spring Clean

I can’t wait for the weather to be warm enough to spend a few hours in the garage to get rid of all the things. For years we’ve planned a garage sale and have been collecting a pile in the corner. This is the year that happens – as soon as I get the patio furniture out of the way.

garage sale

Inside, get the kids to clean out the toy room and finally purge yourself of toys they’ve grown out of. Get a handle on your out of control pantry, looking for expired foods in the closet. And then go to the bathroom and clean out your medicine cabinet. Make sure you safely dispose of expired medication before restocking for the season ahead.

2 The Spring Garden

It’s one of those years on the prairies. The one where random snow falls happen throughout the spring and nothing really thaws. Still, I’m getting my garden on with an indoor AeroGarden sprouting up some nice herbs until I can get outside and get dirty.

Indoor AeroGarden

Even then, there are things to take care of in early spring to ensure your garden is in tip-top shape for the year, like clearing your drainage areas, weeding any springs weeds, and prepping your lawn. To ensure you’re not sneezing and rubbing itchy eyes from all your garden work, keep Claritin® handy all year round for fast, non-drowsy allergy symptom relief

3 The Spring Closet Purge

Here’s a good trick to keep track of what you’re wearing and what you’re not: reverse all your hangers; then, once you wear the article you turn the hangers back, so come next year, anything that’s still reversed can be purged away.


Take your old tired threads and flip it in a community buy and sell Facebook group for some extra cash or bundle up a bag and donate them to the Diabetes Clotheslines. Call 1-800-505-5525 and they’ll come get it off your hands for free!

4 The Return of Fitness

Guys, it has not been a good winter. It has been long and cold and I have been dealing with a change in work schedule that has put a cramp in my fitness routine. Excuses, I know. So I set the alarm a little earlier, and I’m getting back into it.

Family bike ride

It doesn’t have to be a long run, it can be a bike ride with the kids, or a hike in the mountains. The more time we spend outside, the better we’ll be for it. And with that, make sure you’ve got ALEVE® in your day pack as you ease back into your Weekend Warrior-dom. ALEVE®gives you up to 12 hours of pain relief so you can focus on your favourite spring past times and fitness goals.

What other spring traditions do you have to help kick-start your spring?

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