No. It wasn’t a date, it was a birthday party. But, as I sat on the sidelines watching my son do laps of the roller rink with a girl, my heart swelled a little in nervous anticipation and angst over the next life stage.

Zacharie is 9, far too young to be going on a date. Talk of girls (or boys) hasn’t swayed into romantic tones, yet, but I still watched him at a big birthday party on the weekend and saw a glimpse of what is coming next.

It was a huge birthday party at a roller rink,  the entire grade 4 class was invited, meaning the usual routine of “all boys” at a party was broken by a mixed group of kids.

Z did a few laps with his guy friends, he did a few laps on his own, and he did a few laps with a girl. They’d spend time talking on the side in between, and often circle back to find each other on the rink.


It wasn’t anything, but it was something. Know what I mean? They were just talking, smiling, and having fun with a large group of kids, but as I saw them just skate together on their own more than once ..

I .. just .. ah, I can’t really to explain other than to say it gave me pause to think about what’s coming next for my tweenage son. Those coursing hormones are going to bring highs and lows and, soon, a date.

I’m nervous and excited at the same time.

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