Answers To Common New Parent Problems

[twitter]A funny thing happens on your journey through parenthood.. you miss the ‘good ole days’. Visiting with my 16 month old niece last month had me pining for those 3hrs a day when kids would actually nap and parents would get a break. While I was living it, I dreaded nap time as it was an anchor to the home that prevented us from going anywhere.

Looking back at my sister and friends with their new families brings back the cuteness, but also the memory of the confusion of being a new parent. You’re always worried if you’re doing things right. Everyone else’s opinion is different for every parenting problem. 

Target has a great comprehensive baby section that not only serves up all the things new parents need, but it also offers simple advice for some of the most confusion new parent problems. What do you *really* need in a crib? How many car seats are you going to have to buy? What about strollers?

Check out these infographics to get a head start on getting things ready for baby and as they grow:

A Crib That Grows

Finding things that have multiple uses are key for parents. Babies grow so fast, that having something that lasts just a few months doesn’t make sense. Our adjustable crib varied in height and style letting us use it from birth to 3 yrs old, for both boys.

Cribs For Kids

Try this: Eddie Bauer First Adventure 3-in-1 Crib in Dark Rustic from Target Canada $349.99

Which Car Seat Do You Need?

There are many styles and sizes of car seats. Out of the box you can buy convertible types that will grow with your infant from the day they come home from the hospital to their school years. We started with infant seats that attached to strollers. Moved on to a bigger bucket seat, then boosters with head rests, and now boosters. Follow along with the infographic below to make sure you have the right sized car seat for the size of your child. Note many of them overlap giving you some choice.

car seat

Pro Tip: Install the car seat and have it inspected BEFORE you have to run to the hospital and bring the baby home. Just look for a car seat clinic in your area to make sure it’s installed correctly. This is the single biggest safety mistake new parents make.

Try this: Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat (Stage 1) from Target Canada $199.99 

It’s A Stroller, Not An SUV

We have had almost all of these strollers as the boys grew up. The running stroller was very handy to get out and hit the trails on the weekend and do my Team Diabetes training, BUT … they’re huge. Massive. If you have a small car, it will take up your entire trunk. When we traveled to Europe with 10mo old Zacharie, we had a full sized stroller that still was light and compact. It reclined so Z could sleep, it had storage underneath, but was still light.

So many people choose SUV sized strollers stuffed with so many things they never really need. My advice? Keep it simple.

Try this: Safety 1st Saunter Travel System with Comfy Carry in Connect the Dots from Target Canada $199.99 

The cost of many new parent items might floor you at first, but then think about the after market. We used our Baby Bjorn for nearly 4 yrs, kept good care of it and sold it for almost 80% of what we originally paid. That’s how you stretch your dollar as a parent. Buy only what you need, sell it second hand and make your money back. 

Things will get overwhelming. I guarantee they will. There will be days you feel like you’re not doing anything right. Just do your best. Love your kids. And remember – Britney Spears did this. Twice.

Thanks to Target and their agency for supporting Team Diabetes Canada in exchange for this branded content.

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Answers To Common New Parent Problems

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  1. Erin October 13, 2014 at 8:31 am

    This article is a great starting point, but having worked in a baby store, I feel there are other really important details that parents should be looking for/aware of.

  2. admin October 13, 2014 at 11:54 am

    Yes, this is just a starter meant to point people to the resources for in depth answers. Feel free to add anything you think people should know, if you’d like.

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