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By the time I was Zacharie’s age, I thought I was going to be in the NHL. Not so much for him.

Despite having Z in skating lessons when he was 2 yrs old, his life on skates has been stops and starts. I’d ask him each fall if he wanted to play hockey, the answer was always no. We put him in some skating lessons every now and again, but we’ve never really kept up with it.

So where I was a goalie at age 9 and good enough to play on the travel teams in town, my son can just barely skate.

But he tries, that’s all I ask. This week, Boston Pizza partnered with the Calgary Flames to hold the first-ever NHLer For Day experience to Calgary. Contest winners had a tour of the dressing room, signed 1 day contracts with the NHL team, and then got to skate on the Saddledome ice while the Flames were out of town.

We were invited along for the #BPFamilySkate part of the event and, even though my boys like the Sharks and Canucks a smidge more than the Flames, even though they don’t want to be NHLers, even though they can barely skate, they laced ’em up and we went for some spins on the Saddledome ice.

After our skate, we of course hit Boston Pizza for dinner. The BP KIds’ Menu is the best out there. It’s FILLED with activities for kids to do while they wait for dinner, including a number of Calgary Flames oriented projects to help inspire that NHL dream.


My kids will never make it to the NHL, but thanks to Boston Pizza, my boys helped me experience a dream I had, and I got to watch them do what my only wish for them is: “trying their best.”

This post is sponsored by Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza is an official sponsor of the Calgary Flames and is working to inspire Calgary’s future NHLers with a taste of what it’s like to play in the big leagues.

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