zacharie is 6

[twitter]Six. You really are becoming a big boy now, Mr Z.

From trying new foods, to showing more interest in practicing schoolwork, you’re growing up very quickly.

You love dressing up in costume, and will throw on a Batman tshirt and mask everyday after school. Your best friends are Tipay and Axel, and you’re not too fond of girls. Lol.

Compassion and empathy is still your strongest character. You will always reach out to help a friend and make sure they’re okay, and you’re a terrific protector of your little brother. Even on days when Mommy and Daddy have a rough spot in our relationship, you play mediator to make sure everyone is okay.

When you grow up, you want to be a Secret Agent Super Spy. Why? “So no one knows who I am and I can have cool gadgets and stuff and wear invisible clothes and even they have jetpacks!!”

Sounds good to me.

You’re a paradox, my little man. In one breath you can be outgoing and gregarious, the next you are very shy and introverted. You’re a stickler for rules, and yet try to sneak around and break them.

A big year is ahead. You’ll be changing schools, and that will be a challenge, I’m sure.

Thanks for choosing us, Z, Happy Birthday.dadcamp fire

Zacharie is 6

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