Best Mother's Day Gift Of All Time

[twitter]What is this brilliant Mother’s Day gift idea?

A blank moleskine that becomes the Mother’s Day Journal.

That’s it.

This is the simplest, easiest, most meaningful, best Mother’s Day gift of all time. I know this to be true, because a few weeks ago my wife dropped the hint in the form of a link to this article in my email box.

This moleskine is an easy scrapbook of each year’s Mother’s Day cards. Maybe it’s an easy scrapbook of each year’s Mother’s Day photo. Maybe it’s an easy scrapbook of one page Mother’s Day drawings and letters. Whatever you choose to use this blank moleskine for is up to you, the only descriptor for this best Mother’s Day gift of all time is that it is Mom’s Book.

That’s it.

We are starting the journey a few year’s late into my wife’s Motherhood career, so this week I will be going back through the photo catalog and shoe boxes around the house to try and collect the cards and photos from years gone by (like this one from 2012).

Even if I can’t find them all, it doesn’t matter – we will start now. The book will have a page from each boy, and a card from them both. We will wrap it up, she will smile and read it on Sunday, and then we will put the book on the shelf next to our wedding photo album, and vacation photo books. Next year, at the beginning of May, I will pull out the simple book and the ritual will be repeated.

BTW, this idea is not just for moms. It is also the simplest, easiest, most meaningul, best Father’s Day gift of all time too.

Yes, I want one.

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  2. Mike May 6, 2014 at 7:21 am

    Hey, just wanted to quickly say this is an awesome gift/craft idea! 🙂
    Also, I see you’re over on Twitter, you can connect with our new Dad Blogger initiative at @Marketing2Daddy

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