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[twitter]Now that we’ve fully settled in to our fall routines … check that, who am I kidding? The first week we were perfectly planned with lunches made the night before, breakfast cereal and bowls laid out on the kitchen table, and the day’s clothes waiting by the dresser.

The first week of back-to-school lunches went like clockwork. Then a weekend got us back to our lazy summer routine, and that means scrambling to make lunches, feed kids breakfast, get teeth brushed, sign notices, fill out forms, and get out the door on time to beat the traffic.

Yay. When you scramble to make a kid’s lunch in the morning, chances are you’re not going to think too much about what you’re doing, but will grab whatever is easiest and toss it in the bag. Have a look at the 11 worst school lunches, and see how many you’ve resorted to when things get hectic.

The key to getting a healthy lunch in the backpack quickly is to have healthy snacks on hand. So, this weekend when doing the groceries, grab things that are good: 100% fruit juice boxes, fresh cut vegetables, and our latest grab n go favorite, Sunrise Soya Super Squeezies.

sunrise soya super squeezies

Sunrise Soya Super Squeezies label proclaims they contain Omega-3 DHA, which is essential for brain, eye and heart health. Look at the nutritional information and you’ll see that there is 0.3 grams of Omega 3, and 0.016 grams of DHA per tube (about 2.5% recommended daily intake). Each tube contains about 7-8 grams of sugar, which is about the same as a fruit roll-up and half the amount that is in a snack-sized yogurt. Sunrise Soya Super Squeezies are non-dairy, peanut-free, gluten-free, and preservative-free making them very schoolyard friendly.

Younger kids might have trouble tearing them open (I had to help 3 yr old Charlie), but older kids used to the yogurt tubes will get the handle of ripping these open and not making a mess.

If the name sounds familiar, Sunrise Soya Foods, is the largest tofu manufacturer in Canada, using only Canadian, non-GMO soybeans.

Each box (found in the chilled case in the produce section where tofu and soya products are kept) has strawberry banana and chocolate making it a perfect pairing in our house as Zacharie is a chocoholic while Charlie loves him some strawberry.

I tucked them in the boys lunches and they were a hit for each. Honestly? I have sneaked a couple as late night treats myself, or as a quick chocolate hit for dessert. The portion is small enough to hit the sweet tooth, but not that hard.

Keep a box in the freezer too, as they make great ice creamy-ish treats on a hot day, or after a hard day of play, and can act as an ice pak for the items in their lunch. It will melt a little by lunch, but still be cool.

What are your tips for getting a quick, yet healthy, lunch made in the morning?

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