Charlie at Day Camp

I don’t usually answer my phone if I don’t know the number, but I did this time for some reason.

“Hi, it’s Wendy calling from the summer camps. Charlie misses you and wants to say hi.”

She passed the phone, I spoke briefly to Charlie, and she came back on the phone to explain that Charlie had tried to “run away” 3 times from camp that day already. I thought we were just playing the “I miss you, too” charade and I’d be there to pick him up at the usual time. No, this was real and they wanted me to pick him up early.

Summer has been long. They have really enjoyed a diversity of experience that has taken them from LEGO to movie making to bike riding to swimming, but it’s been exhausting. They haven’t had a break to just ‘do nothing.’

They’ve been getting up half an hour earlier than normal, staying at their day camps an hour longer than they would spend in a day at school. It’s been long. The boys are exhausted. They just want to be at home.

It’s so embarrassing to have ‘that kid’ who causes a bit of trouble and needs the call to be made to the parents, but at the same time I so get it – and it crushes me.

With two working parents and extended family an 11 hour drive away, summer hasn’t been the carefree-kick-back-invent-your-own-fun that childhood dreams are made of. I’m doing my best to give my boys a range of activities to keep them entertained, but really they just want to squirt guns in the backyard, build LEGO, hang with their friends, watch some Netflix, and sleep in.

School starts in a couple of weeks, they’ll get to sleep in then, I guess.

Bears Hump Summit
Charlie at the top of Bears Hump in Waterton Lakes National Park

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