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I’ll admit that, sometimes, how sick they are depends on how busy my wife or my work schedules are, I’ll send a sick kid to school. I don’t like that I’ve done it, but I have.

If they can’t go to school, we can’t go to work. I work in radio, if I’m not there, nobody is there, so I have very little flexibility in my job. My wife’s is a little more maleable, but there are big meetings, corporate visits, and deadlines for her to meet too. Sometimes I’ll bring my sick kid to work with me (that’s not smart), sometimes we’ll juggle our schedules so she works an afternoon/evening visiting clients.

In other words, we play it by ear, we do what we can, and sometimes that means sending them to school a little less healthier than we’d like.

A new survey asked more than 1,400 parents if they’d still send their kids to school with these five symptoms.  And THIS is why we all get sick every year . . .

1.  88% of parents said they’d still send their kid to school with a runny nose and a dry cough, as long as they didn’t have a fever.

2.  84% would still send them to school with red, watery eyes but no fever.

3.  51% said they’d still send them to school even if they DID have a slight fever, as long as they were acting normal.

4.  42% said they’d still send them to school if they’d THROWN UP, and didn’t have any other symptoms.  But only if they’d thrown up once.

5.  And 20% would still send them to school if they had diarrhea.

I’m a little guilty of 1, 2, and 3. 4 and 5? Nope. What about you?




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