Sick Day

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We don’t look sick, but we are. I swear.

[twitter]We’ve been hit with a pretty nasty bug this week.

I got it first, I think. It might have come via school and our nanny, or it may have come from colleagues at work. No matter, about a week ago I broke down. Hard.

At first I thought it was my usual “Man Cold.” The one where I whine a lot, overact my pain, and spend a night on the couch skipping out on chores. I never miss work with a Man Cold, but I’ll complain about it.

This one was worse. Thursday night I had a pretty bad fever and it crept into my throat. I pulled a half day at work pumped up on a couple of cold medications. Friday night I was up coughing all night, and my voice was absolutely garbled. I went to the doctor – something I never do. Like never ever.

After a 2 hour wait in the lobby, I was diagnosed with a severe bronchitis that would develop into pneumonia if left untreated. I coughed up a loogie for him in the office so he could examine my brown/pink mucus and once we determined I wasnt coughing up blood (each cough felt like a dozen knives mincing my lungs), he handed me a prescription for moxifloxacin.

I spent most of the weekend in bed, and wouldn’t you know it? My bug spread.

The doc warned me I was contagious, so I’ve been off work for a couple of days this week. And while I may have spared my colleagues, I didn’t save my family.

Charlie started to feel a little sweaty and so we took him to the Doc on Monday and he was confirmed to have bronchitis too, and a prescription for biaxin was dispensed.

Today, I’m on day 4 of my meds and while I still have a barking cough that would chase back a big dog, I feel fine. While Charlie struggled a little bit this morning, enough that we kept him out of school today, by mid-morning he had perked up considerably.

With our Nanny down for the count, the Chooch and I took off for some fun time. I’m a not at home dad, and if we were both going to feel “okay” on this sick day, we weren’t going to spend it at home.

Sick days are awesome.dadcamp fire

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