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[twitter]While our kids are digital natives, growing up with an easy understanding of technology and how to harness it, there’s still more for them to learn. I am a big proponent of teaching kids to code. I’d love to see more computer science weaved in to the curriculum, and I’ve taken it upon myself to get the boys into it with games like Light Bot.

We’ve got to teach our kids to code. We’ve got to teach our kids how to use computer software to create what they want, not just passively consume what apps put forth. Minecraft is great at inspiring this creativity and hack mentality, and we need more. We need them to not just be comfortable with using technology, but understand how they can master it.

Here’s a way to do it. For Free.

Registration is now open for Apple Camp, a series of  90 minute classes over 3 days for kids aged 8-12 to bring their imagination to life while learning how to use computers and software.

At Apple Camp, kids will learn to make movies or create interactive books complete with their own illustrations and sound effects. And each workshop ends with the Apple Camp Showcase so campers can share their finished projects.

Apple Camp takes place at your local Apple Store and in addition to movie making which was the focus in past years, campers will now have the option to create interactive books with their own illustrations using Paper by FiftyThree and sound effects.

Campers do not need to bring anything but themselves. You don’t need to own Apple products to learn or attend.

Registration is now open and the camps run at Apple Stores across Canada between July 4-Aug 1.


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