See It Or Skip It? The Nut Job
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[twitter]If a family afternoon out at the movies wasn’t so expensive, expectations would be a lot less. But at $70+ for 4 admissions and snacks, it’s a lot to expect a family to shell out for a film.

For this reason, taking kids to the movies should be a team sport. One parent, 4+ kids. Take your own, take their friends, cut down on needless spending on adult admissions on movies you won’t like.

The Nut Job was our pick this weekend and it was .. well .. it was a family outing, let’s just say that.

The plot was predictable, there were no funny moments, and no great “moral of the story” by the time the credits rolled. This was, simply, a way to spend some money at the movies.

The kids had a blast. They always do, but even Charlie leaned over halfway through and asked “is it over yet?” Then Gangnam Style came on and he was dancing in his chair. Yes. If you want the attention of elementary school aged boys, have animated squirrels dancing to Korean Pop music and you’ll have a winner.

In fact, after the show, when I asked the boys what their favorite part of the movie was, this was what they picked. The squirrels, line dancing to Psy‘s Gangnam Style, over the final credits.

The LEGO Movie comes out in just a few weeks. Save your money for that one, or if it’s a rainy day and you want to take the neighbourhood kids out, take them to see Walking With Dinosaurs, or maybe Frozen. Again.

Skip The Nut Job.

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