[twitter] This is a fun romp of a film. But you knew that. It had to be.

The Penguins of Madagascar were successfully spun out of the Madagascar film franchise into a cartoon series for a few years. They’ve had their own Christmas specials, and Halloween specials, and the shows have been on repeat off our PVR for years.

So I wondered if it would be worth forking over the $40 for an evening at the movies after being immersed in these characters for so long.

It was. Well, the parts I was awake for anyway. I dozed off near the climax (I was up playing poker late the night before), but the full run-up through the film had me laughing along with the boys.

There is plenty of slapstick humor and silly action to keep the kids interested along with many double entendres for the parents. There is some slick writing here, just as with these characters in there other film and tv appearances.

One of the funny gags in the film is Dave, the evil octopus villain, calling our celebrity names as he orders his minions around. “William! Hurt them!” and “Helen! Hunt them down!” type things. See how many you can catch.


But perhaps the best part of the film is Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Agent Classified, can’t say penguins. He pronounces it as peng-wings, and with the penguins as his main adversary in the film, he says the word dozens of times adding inadvertent giggles (at least from my seat). Was he chosen specifically for this mispronunciation? I’d hope so. It makes his snooty character that much better.

Check out this edit of Cumberbatch fumblings around pengwings from a BBC documentary

See it or Skip it?

It’s worth seeing. There’s lots of fun action and sight gags for the kids, along with some clever punnery for the adults.

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