It’s an annual spring thing: clean out all the piles in the garage that has collected over the winter and promise that THIS is the year we’ll sell it all.

You know the routine, over the course of the cold days, you move things from inside the house to the garage, getting them closer to the curb, or for resale, or just getting them out of your hair.

And then spring turns to summer, and life gets busy, and by the time next winter rolls around, you find yourself with that pile still sitting there.

This has been my life for the past 4 years. This year’s collection of things that must be moved out include boxes of electronics wires I’ve been collecting for over a decade “just in case,” dozens of dump trucks and toys the boys have grown out of, books, cds, and my hockey equipment.

Gear In The Garage

In the past, I’ve talked about holding on to some of the kids’ toys for when they grow up and have kids of their own. I mean, my mom saved my Fisher Price gear for 35+ years waiting for grandchildren to play with it, and I LOVE that she did that.

We have a box of things we’re saving “forever,” but the stuff in the garage? That’s not on the list.

I haven’t played hockey in nearly 10 years, and thought maybe I could hang on to the gear for when Zacharie grows into it.

Zacharie Hockey Equipment

That’s going to be a long time.

So I turned to my friends at Kijiji to get some tips on clearing out the garage. By selling my gear on Kijiji I can find local, targeted buyers, who know what they want, are willing to pay for it, and will help me clean my garage, and SAVE THE PLANET! (seriously, more on that in a second)

When selling on Kijiji you need great pictures that stand out, good descriptions to not waste anyone’s time (sellers or buyers), and clearly list your price.

Here’s what my ad looked like (check these tips out to write great Kijiji ads)

Kijiji Ad

UPDATE: I sold my gear to a dad whose son just had his rookie year in the WHL. He needed equipment for summer training. Could my interaction with the Second Hand Economy help a kid get to the NHL!? Pretty cool!

This kind of spring cleaning and passing items forward is all part of the Second Hand Economy and Kijiji is monitoring it to see how many items we’re giving second lives to.

Alberta is home to some of the best upcyclers, with an average of 82 items per person being given a second life. BUT … residents of Calgary ranked among the lowest of major cities (giving second life to only 60 products).

We need to do better, friends.

Kijiji Second Hand Economy

Here’s how the Second Hand Economy helps us all:


The second hand economy contributed up to $36 billion to Canada’s economy last year. That’s money that would otherwise be spent outside the country, including through the purchase of imported goods.


A great way to stretch your budget! By buying used, Canadians saved around $480 last year and earned about $883. The second-hand economy helps you get more for your money.


Finding new uses and bringing things back to usable condition often supports local business, like repair & restoration shops!


When you prolong the life of your things so that others can enjoy them, it’s an easy and effective way to do your part for the environment.

Charlie drew our monthly hallway art, and without prompting, served up a nice tribute for Earth Day. What a way to bring it full circle and be reminded every day we walk out and come home, to love the planet.

Charlie Earth Day

This Earth Month, take some time to clean out the garage, list some items on Kijiji, make some extra money, and give your items a second life not in a landfill.

While I’m selling my gear, I’m also looking to buy. I’m keeping my eyes out for a tent trailer for our summer of camping adventures.

You remember that One Red Paperclip story where a guy turned one red paperclip into a house? Well I’m on my way to turning the piles in my garage into a tent trailer 🙂

Disclosure: This post is presented by Kijiji in exchange for a donation to Team Diabetes Canada.

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