Scientists Claim Kids Ruin Your Life

[twitter]My child free friend fired me this “Studies Confirm: Kids Ruin Your Life” headline today with a gloating emoticon. Okay, I don’t think there’s an emoticon for gloating, but he was gloating.

Science! He proclaimed.

Perspective! I tried to argue back. Saying that it depends on what your life plan was.

If you’re the Duggars, having kids (and more kids and more kids) is the point of life. If you’re a high schooler who “got one past the goalie” then, well, you might have a different perspective on parenting and kids.

But science! He chided.

So. What is this science my buddy boasts of? It’s a bunch of studies actually, dutifully bundled by the “scientific journal,” Gawker.

Some people are happy with kids, some are not, and it all depends on what your initial expectations were.

You can read the rest of this post and see the study findings on

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