Dad's Awesome Book Of Science Projects

[twitter]Mike Adamick‘s latest book, Dad’s Book Of Awesome Science Experiments, arrived this week.

Just like the amazing set of science kit boxes I got from my brother for Christmas, I love the idea of having a book of science experiments ready for rainy day entertaining.

“We’re big believers in tinkering and failing and trying again or just making stuff up and having fun,” says Adamick. “We’re also big believers in the idea that you don’t need to go out and buy a mess of supplies — you probably already have everything you need in your kitchen or medicine cabinet to explore the wonders of science right now.”

You may lean to crafting, I lean to science. It has the same colourful, messy, creative factor but with added learning!

We flipped through the book and tagged some experiments to try over the coming weeks. We will make straw rockets, banana balloons, and soap clouds.

Then we went to decorating our eggs for Easter. With all the bowls of dye still waiting after our decorating, we decided to try one of Mike’s density experiments. To be fair, this is the author’s least favourite experiment, but since we had all of the materials handy we tried it out.

The idea is to examine density by dissolving different amounts of sugar in different coloured liquids. You then, carefully, pour the liquids on top of each other and they “should” stay suspended on top of each other.  “Should” because it is a very delicate task to perform. You can’t pour them too quickly, you need widely varying levels of density, and it won’t always work.  Mike warns you of this in the book.

Still, we tried.

Dad's Awesome Book of Science Experiments

Didn’t work.  This is the best part about science. You get to try again.

Another experiment you can try with some of your Easter leftovers is examining high and low pressure. Peel one of your hard boiled eggs and place it on top of a milk bottle.

Dad's Awesome Book of Science Experiments

Challenge your kids to try and get it in the bottle without touching it.  Then light some paper, toss it in the bottle, replace the egg and watch  it get sucked in!  Then discuss air pressure.

Science = Magic!

Dad’s Book Of Awesome Science Experiments – by Mike Adamick is available now. Follow his blog for more great ideas.

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