It’s done. Over. Finished. Bearding has jumped the shark.

To twist Yogi Bera‘s, “No one goes there nowadays, it’s too crowded” quote, there are too many beards, so everyone is shaving theirs.

Even if you’re not a trend chasing hipster, it’s time to give up the ghost, here are all the reasons it’s time to shave your beard, and how you need to do it:

1. Summer Is Coming

Beards are hot, son. You don’t need a face sweater in the summer heat. And if you shave it now, as opposed to 3 months from now, you won’t have a goofy beard tan line on your face.


2. Bearding Ain’t Easy

People think growing a beard is an easy, let it go lifestyle. But as you can see with the littany of bearding products hitting the market as the trend rose over the past few years, it takes work to have a beard. From oils, to trims, to balms, to combs, it takes time – and money – to have your beard be on point. So lose it.

3. Your Hockey Team Isn’t In The Playoffs

No Canadian teams made the playoffs this year. You don’t need the beard to keep the superstitious support for your team going. They’ve already lost, it’s okay to shave it.


4. Beards Are Dirty

From leftover chip crumbs to drops of beer or mustard, beards are collect random things like the underside of your couch. Like poop. Seriously. But hey, you could always use the yeast you find in there to make beer.

5. Look Younger

I’ll admit. I felt envy when I saw my younger lumberjacked colleagues parading around the office with their pointy virile beards. I could have grown one, but I chose not too.

I didn’t get on the trend of the past 3 years because it hit when I was of an age where every hair on my body seems to have a 50/50 chance of coming in grey and, well, the manly man beard of a hipster isn’t as hip when it’s grey. I’m in my mid 40s, yet with a clean shaven face, I look like this guy’s younger brother.

clean face

6. Clean-Shaven Men Are Sexier

Two years ago, when we were in peak beard, surveys were conducted showing bearded men and clean shaven men and women chose the fresh face.  Guys are growing them to appear masculine, virile, and more attractive, but mates prefer the opposite.

So shave your beard, my friends. It’s time. Here’s how:

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