Are you kids perpetually bored? Do you find yourself breaking up more fights than a nightclub bouncer? If so, you’re not alone. The current pandemic and the lockdown that has come with it has left many parents struggling to balance their work lives, parenthood and keeping their children happy and entertained for hours.

Sadly, keeping the kids entertained can still be expensive, even when you’re on lockdown. It’s tempting to purchase more and more streaming services to keep them busy or purchase endless amounts of arts and craft materials, or new toys. This kind of spending can put pressure on your finances, leaving many parents struggling with more financial pressure and debt – click here to find out if you could benefit with help from Creditfix.

So, with this in mind, I’ve gathered some simple ways that you can save money on entertaining your kids during lockdown.

Free instrument lessons

If your old guitar or piano is sitting in the corner of the room gathering dust? Then why not put it to good use? You’ll find an abundance of free, online music lessons designed for kids and taught by musical experts. It’ll encourage them to use their minds, think creatively and potentially unlock their own musical prowess. It’ll let you get through that conference call without too many interruptions too.

Let them learn to code

When we were at school, IT lessons usually consisted of making PowerPoint presentations and Asking Jeeves ridiculous questions. These days it’s all about coding and developing the next generation of technological minds. You’ll find a wide range of free online coding games and lessons for your kids to get to grips with. If your kids can get along, they can work together to solve coding puzzles and have fun!


Jumping, skipping, running, climbing. All of these sound exhausting. But for kids, it’s fun! Online P.E lessons are a big thing right now, with personal trainers creating daily programmes and sessions for kids and their grown-ups to participate in. Who needs the gym when you can get hot and sweaty at home?

Make something for the animals

You don’t need to buy them toys and games to keep their minds busy. Spend some time together researching how to make things like bird feeders, bug hotels and bat boxes from items you have at home and then see how many visitors you get to your outdoor space?

They’ll love it!

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