[twitter]“It’s perfect, daddy,” Zacharie declared from the top of the bunk bed in our room at the Selkirk Lodge at Schweitzer Mountain in Idaho. “All we need is popcorn!”

It was the first night of our weeklong summer vacation road trip, and it was about to start off with a bang. I had nailed the most perfect of vacation rooms – a small kitchenette to keep meal costs down (complete with microwave for popcorn), and a bunk bed for the kids.

And so, the next morning when I made the run down the mountain to Wal-Mart for our vacation supplies, including a couple of boxes of Pop Secret.


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That night, after a long day of rock climbing, chair lifting, hiking, and exploring, they settled in to a night of popcorn and Disney Channel .. from the top bunk.

There is something magical about a) bunk beds b) being away from home and indulging in new found tv options.

I still remember the time I landed in Denver on vacation with a friend and we spent half a day inside glued to a Queer Eye For The Straight Guy marathon. The show wasn’t yet in Canada, and when we returned to the hotel room for a late afternoon refresh after a day of sightseeing, we didn’t leave for dinner that night – because cool new shows. The hotel room didn’t have bunk beds, but the shows were just as cool.

For my young boys, bunk beds are pretty much the coolest thing I can get in a summer vacation hotel. Immediately when we landed they declared a Rock! Paper! Scissors! game to see who got the top bunk for the first night.

When Charlie, 5, beat Zacharie, 8, a meme worthy “Yes!” immediately followed.

Rock Paper Scissors

Bunk beds are where it’s at. Immediately followed by cool new tv. We have Netflix and some basic kids channels at home, but we don’t have Disney, Disney XD, or Nickelodeon. The boys drowned themselves in marathons of Jessie, Penn Zero Part Time Hero, and we rounded out the night watching Descendants.

Pop Secret

And that’s where the Pop Secret made the evening magical. The kids had the top bunk, they had the cool shows, and bless the small “kitchen” that included a bar fridge, toaster, and microwave in our hotel room. Popcorn made it perfect.

pop secret 3

When you have kids, and you travel, your bed time becomes their bed time. So if they get to bed sometime around 9, you can huddle around the iPad and watch downloaded versions of Suits, or movie rentals from iTunes, and eat the rest of that leftover Pop Secret.

Charlie and Pop Secret

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Top Bunk Popcorn Hotel Room Win!

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