Hiking in the Columbia Valley
Hiking in the Columbia Valley

[twitter]Winter is coming.

I know because we’ve already had two blasts of snow .. in the summer! In Calgary, you never know when it is all going to go sideways. We could have 20 degrees one day, -2 the next. It really does change overnight.

So that means when you get a wonderful golden stretch of autumn weather on the prairies, you bathe in it.

The past month, we have. Over Thanksgiving we wandered the Columbia Valley with friends (above).

When the first blast of cold weather was forecast in mid-September, we planned an impromptu family picnic at a new park. The boys climbed and ran, we relaxed and basked in the dying sun’s glow, and waited for the cold.

Charlie getting dirty
Charlie getting his Wave Length shorts from Peekaboo Beans good and dirty
Zacharie hanging around
Zacharie hanging in the Seaside Guy Short from Peekaboo Beans

It wasn’t quite Tai Chi, but we still got out on the back deck and pretended to be ninjas as we got ready for a friend’s Tae Kwan Do birthday party.

Tai Chi in his Peekaboo Beans
Zacharie is wearing a Cool You Tee and Seaside Guy Shorts from Peekaboo Beans

I played street hockey with the neighborhood kids

Road Hockey with the neighborhood kids
Charlie is wearing Wave Length shorts while Zacharie has on a Seaside Guy Short from Peekaboo Beans

Even after the snow and cold arrives, we still have a winter of indoor rock climbing,

Zacharie rock climbing
Zacharie climbing higher in his Seaside Guy Short from Peekaboo Beans

many hours of fighting Lord Business with our LEGO sets,

Charlie playing LEGO
Charlie is cozy in his Happy Hooded Tee from Peekaboo Beans

and visiting dad at work ahead.

Zacharie at work
Zacharie gets it done in his Happy Hooded Tee from Peekaboo Beans

Whatever the weather, the importance is play. Indoors or outdoors the boys celebrate creativity comfortably, thanks to Peekaboo Beans.

Disclosure: I’m a brand ambassador for Peekaboo Beans.

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