Rewriting O Canada With True Pastry Love

I took the boys out for a donut date this afternoon after school.

I had to go and get some things for dinner, and they both asked if they could come along. Fine, I had a Tim Horton’s card with $6 left on it, enough for milk, donut, and coffee at the shop across from the grocery store.

Perhaps it’s the marketing, but there’s something nostalgic and Canadian about just sitting in a Tim’s and spending time with family. I love going there and just sitting for an hour with my grandfather having a coffee, soup, and biscuit. It’s nothing special, it’s just  … well, it’s just something you do that makes you feel good.

So my coffee date with the boys after school felt like that. Nostalgic. Familiar. Warm. Canadian.

And then, in the car on the way home, the boys started asking about the lyrics to O Canada. I don’t know where it came from or why they wanted to sing it, but they did.

When Zacharie first learned the song, he’d sing it as “Yo Canada, Meet you at your land” and we just left it like that.

I know I should correct the kids, but we kind of don’t sometimes. I like that childlike innocence and weird way they pronounce things. It will always be an  Umvellium Vulcan. It will always be hotowel. It will always be “Yo Canada”

And now we have a new one to add to the list. As the singing from the backseat continued, Zacharie added “true pastry love” instead of “true patriot love.”

Well, we did just have a donut at a Canadian institution. I loved it. I smiled so wide.

Yo! Canada! Meet you at your land for some true pastry love.

Image via Ian Muttoo

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