A colleague of mine has had a nasty bout with cancer the past few years. His immune system is debilitated from the treatment and he’s allergic to more things now than he was 2 years ago. I let him review The Oreck Proshield Air Purifier for this site.

The Oreck Proshield Air Purifier  is designed to clean the air in your home of allergens from pet dander, capture dust and smoke particles, and reduce general odours in a room up to 600 square feet.

After using the air purifier for two plus weeks, the real benefit of this product is its ability to move a huge amount of air. It’s a powerhouse.

On its lowest setting, it will clear odours in a few minutes for an average sized bedroom. Yet, with that kind of power, comes volume. I had to turn it off at night to be able to sleep, and my young son was a little spooked by the sound.

On the plus side, the Oreck Proshield Air Purifier is energy star qualified, it comes with an extra odour filter, it is ridiculously easy to use, and also comes with a fancy little clip on standing pad for a vertical orientation for tighter spaces.

Laying it down leaves the full LED ring on the right side (“bottom” in vertical orientation) exposed, for a nice blue hue to fill the room. It doesn’t look terrible laying down, or standing up. The air intake is in the back section of the “top” (in horizontal mode) so standing it up or laying it down, there isn’t a difference in filtration.

All in, this thing moves massive amounts of air, it DOES capture a lot of crap out of the air including odours, and it looks pretty cool.

The Oreck Proshield Air Purifier is available for $479.95 CDN on OreckCanada.com

This post is sponsored by Hoover

Featuring exclusive Truman cell technology, this machine effectively and quietly removes the causes of indoor air pollution and leaves crisp, clean and breathable air behind. It breaks down odours and volatile organic compounds, such as chemical fumes and aerosol vapours, thanks to the innovative super filter.

oreck filterAdditionally, the permanent air filtration cleans easily and never needs replacing. Purify up to a 600 square foot room, and not only will your air quality improve, you’ll also have less dusting to do too! The air purifier cleans and re-circulates a 8′ x 10′ room twice every hour and is even ideal for small spaces since it can lay flat, horizontally or on its side vertically.

Oreck’s air purifier is 10% more powerful than previous models with improved performance coming from an increased air flow through the pre- filter and increased fan power. Cost effective and energy efficient, Oreck’s air purifier is the innovative solution for healthier, breathable indoor air!

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