[twitter]It’s been a few months since I came home from work to discover the boys dressed up in costumes from the tickle trunk.

We have assorted dinosaur, fireman, construction, and super hero costumes for the boys to slip into after school.

On Monday, I came home to Batman and Spider-Man flying down the stairs.

Batman and Spider-Man

Tuesday, as we headed out for pancakes to celebrate Mardi Gras, the boys had their costumes on again.

They asked if they could wear them out for dinner. Normally, this isn’t something we do. We keep the costumes at home and in good condition, for after school or weekend play.

Not this time.

Batman and Iron Man pancakes

I love the looks on everyone’s faces when the boys saunter around Super Hero style in public. I love that they do character voices and play act when they’re dressed up at home.

Costumes for the win.

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