Did you know that more people than ever are wearing glasses? While some wear glasses to improve their vision and to address problems such as astigmatism and myopia, others have taken to wearing glasses as the ultimate accessory, imitating their favorite celebrities or just as a way to express their personality.

So, if you’re someone who regularly wears frames, then you’ll probably be familiar with these incredibly relatable scenarios that only glasses wearers will recognize.

Choosing the right frames

When it comes to choosing the right frames, there’s a lot to consider. A few short years ago, we may have had the luxury of choosing between 3 or 4 colors, however, these days the choice is almost overwhelming! Thanks to the popularity of online stores such as EyeBuyDirect.com, frames in all shapes, sizes and styles have never been more accessible.

Selecting new eyewear is an incredibly personal journey as it allows you to express your personality and showcase your success, whilst making yourself look and feel confident.

Whether you’re looking to jump in on the Hipster trend with some rectangular frames, indulge yourself with some timeless designer brands or you’re searching for something to specifically complement your face shape, there’s something incredibly rewarding and exciting about choosing a new pair of stunning frames.

People always want to try them on

Whether you’re at work and showing off your new frames, or your child wants to know what they’re like, people asking to try on your glasses is something all wearers can relate to. Trying on your frames is usually met with cries of shock and horror as they struggle to see through your prescribed lenses.

Zacharie gets silly

People think you’re smart

As a regular glasses’ wearer, you’re probably aware that people who are looking for advice and information tend to gravitate towards you. Whether it’s someone asking for directions or a work colleague asking about a particular process. Glasses wearers are perceived to be intelligent and approachable, something which we can all relate to at some point in our lives.

Not being able to see whilst swimming

Perhaps one of the few downsides to wearing glasses is the inability to wear them whilst swimming.

It’s frustrating, to say the least, but it’s something we have to get used to. It leaves the surrounding area all blurred and fuzzy, which means you’re likely to walk into the wrong changing room or talk to a complete stranger by mistake.

Lens fog

Wearing glasses means you have to struggle with the occasional lens fog that clouds your vision until you can clear your lenses again. Whether you’re stepping inside from the cold, opening the oven door or you’re wearing a face covering, there’s nothing more frustrating than foggy lenses!

You’re always cleaning them

Grit, dirt, dust, strange unexplained smears. For some reason as a glasses wearer, you spend just as much time cleaning them as you do wearing them! You're someone who has to keep a cleaning cloth close by so you can quickly wipe away all those marks and stains!

Final thoughts…

Is it time for some new glasses? If so, head online now and choose your next stunning pair of frames.

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