Rediscovering The Local Library

In this Amazon one click world we live in, I often find myself buying things I could easily borrow. I instantly buy books like Outliers for me and videos like Max and Ruby for Zacharie.

Then someone mentioned the library to me – a place where books run free to borrow and read. The modern library is more than just books, it’s DVDs, videos, audiobooks and more. My in-laws are huge fans of the library visiting each week to borrow entire seasons of tv shows. 24, The Wire, Rome, and Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations were all sitting neatly on the shelf when I quickly cruised by this afternoon.

Downstairs there were Thomas videos galore along with Olivia and Tractor Tom.

Tired of the same old 7 children’s cd’s you were given at the birth and havent had the stomach to upgrade the collection? Well you could either get Children’s Music That Doesn’t Suck or you could check out the entire library wall filled with cd’s for the kids – and you. Now I’m not saying you’d go and borrow these cd’s and rip them into your iTunes collection, but I’m sure you could. Same goes for the movies.

The library is great! Who knew?

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  1. jenny September 8, 2009 at 5:24 am

    sadly the library is great in larger urban settings… and ragingly mediocre in smaller urban centres. Barney on VHS, anyone?

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