Easter Pinterest Ideas

[twitter]I can’t do the fancy arts and craft things. From life to work to life, I don’t have the patience to perfectly do intricate little crafts with my kids.

BUT .. hey, seasonal celebrations are still awesome, and we don’t forget them, so we do it our own little way.

We decorate eggs. I boil them usually for too long causing them to break. The designs are not particularly intricate. A big mess is made. But we decorate them.

Easter Egg Decorating

We put up seasonal festive decorations on the windows. This is my wife’s job: hit the dollar store and buy some window clings. Each kid gets a window they get to put them up in whatever way they want and they love it. The clings can be moved around whenever the mood suits.

Easter Decoration Window Clings

We do cookies. Now I don’t bake the cookies, we buy a simple kit from WalMart or wherever with big bunny faces to decorate. Here’s where I go a little off – we do have a big “decorating basket” in our baking cupboard. All sorts of icings, sprinkles, tubes, and cutters. The boys have a litany of choices to pick from.

Easter Cookie Decorating Easter Cookie Decorating

We do houses. I love the houses. Gingerbread houses are not just for Christmas, oh no. We get one for Halloween, one for Easter, and one for Christmas. This is usually something we get for the boys to do with our nanny on one of the many pro-D days leading up to the holiday. This year Zacharie went a little crazy with the red icing. I think this is the Fatal Attraction bunny.

Easter Gingerbread House Easter Gingerbread House

If you want to go elbow deep in Pinterest Easter ideas, be my guest. I can’t. We celebrate just fine with our simple, easy, creative, festive ideas and our boys are happy. That’s what’s important, isn’t it?

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