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[twitter]I put up the Christmas lights before Remembrance Day. I know. Bad form, but we don’t like having them up all year and with the forecast of snow and cold in mid-November, I always like to beat the rush. I get the lights up around Halloween, flick them on for World Diabetes Day and then wait until the beginning of December to really get in the spirit.

Our Christmas light display is easily controlled by a switch in the house that lights up all the lights on the front AND back deck thanks to many extension cords. We don’t go too overboard, but this year I’m looking to add a few outdoor Christmas decoration items to the display, you know .. when it’s appropriate.

These balloon Christmas balls would be fun to add to the driveway, at least until a chinook came along, and I’m sure the boys would have fun helping to make them.

Frozen Balloon Christmas Ornaments

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We’ve tried solar lights along the driveway before, and they didn’t hold up too well. I’m thinking having these candy canes out for a few weeks before Christmas wouldn’t be too much trouble.

Solar Candy Cane lights

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The big trend this year are Elf Lights. It’s a projection system that throws a variety of patterns on to the house. No climbing, stringing or anything needed. They look pretty cool.

We don’t just decorate the front, we string our lights onto the back porch too, and I’m thinking we could hang some ornaments in our very bare pear tree in the backyard. What do you think of these?

outdoor christmas tree decorations

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A lot of people in our neighborhood love the inflatable snow globes, and Santas and my wife always stops and stares at them but .. I just can’t.

Inflatable Santa

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On the other hand, I could easily be persuaded to have a lit polar bear or reindeer in the yard.

lighted polar bear and reindeer decorations

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And, as is always the case, when you start looking in one direction, another idea pops into your head and we’re looking at replacing our tree. They are looking more and more real all the time.

pre lit christmas tree

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Are there any new trends you’ve seen as you get ready to put up your Christmas decorations? Or did you put them up already!?

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