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The closest we’ve come to a tv accident in our house, was the time then 3 yr old Zacharie took a stick of LEGO bricks, yelled at the tv, and hurtled it at the screen. The tv then wheezed, flickered, and died.

My 3 yo son killed a $3000 3-D TV I had been loaned for a review. We got lucky as lately the news has been filled with the hurt going the other way; kids victim to falling tvs.

I can’t imagine. As we’ve moved away from big behemoth sets that needed big men with bigger muscles to move into the living room, we’ve gone to flat screens elegantly perched on top of counters, entertainment units, and dressers.

The screens may be lighter, but now they’re even more movable. They’re easy to topple, and if you’ve taken a kid to the playground, you know how they can climb. Just look at that picture above! I don’t want to even imagine what it must have been like for those families to have tragedy strike that way.

It’s so easy to protect kids from a falling tv. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, it’s actually quite simple and affordable to get mounts for commercial TVs.

Experts recommend attaching the television to the wall, which can be done through a simple flat-screen wall-mount or through a safety strap. Best Buy Canada offers a variety of easy and affordable solutions and if you’re unsure of the proper installation, the Best Buy Geek Squad team provides services to professionally mount your TV to give you piece of mind that the job is done right.

The Sanus Elements Anti-Tip Safety Strap

Sanus TV Mount Straps

The Sanus Anti-Tip Safety Strap attaches your TV to the wall, helping to reduce the risk of your TV or furniture accidentally tipping, creating a safe environment in any room. Its unique 3-point attachment design allows the TV to continue to swivel left or right on its pedestal base, if it has one. Available at Best Buy and

Sanus Wall Mounts

Sanus Wall Mount

Keep your TV away from little hands and playful pets, by safely mounting it on your wall with a Sanus wall mount bracket. Sanus offers a variety of wall mount solutions that support TVs from 13”-90” with features that range from simple tilt to full motion movement. Available at Best Buy and

Best Buy Canada Geek Squad TV Installation Services

Geek Squad

Best Buy Canada’s Geek Squad team provides a number of in-home television set up services to give you piece of mind that your home entertainment technology is installed safely and soundly. Services range from Standard Set Up that includes delivery, installation and demonstration of basic functions; to the Elite Premium Service Package that includes delivery, installation, connection to up to 3 devices in your home, dressing of wires, 3-year, 24/7 hour support and more. Available at Best Buy and through 1-800-GEEKSQUAD

Congratulations to Erin W., Dominic S., Tina L., Robyn B., and Jonnie J., winners of a Sanus Anti-Tip Safety Strap kit,. Chris W is the grand prize winner of the Sanus wall mount bracket including a Geek Squad installation.

Terms: Contest open to Canadian residents only. Void where prohibited. Products will be delivered by client and must be accepted as awarded. 

Disclosure: This branded content appears in exchange for compensation.

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