[twitter]We’ve been having fun Science Sunday experiments at our home since Christmas. My brother bought my boys kits from the Young Scientist Club series and we’ve had some good times.

First we built a weather station in our kitchen and learned all about barometric pressure. Each morning the boys would bound down the stairs to see if the straw was up or down to determine if the day was going to be sunny or cloudy.

Then we played with magnets and learned about polarity. Charlie made the magnets hover in mid air using “the force” while Zacharie placed his in a bowl of water and learned that magnets will always point the North Pole (and Santa).

They are great simple kits that are giving my boys an appetite for science that might, one day, lead them to become a  Science Fair Champion, or maybe he’ll do something as simple as try to grow a sweet potato and expose the damaging chemicals being used in food production.

The  very cute video by fourth grader Elise, is going viral this week.

She did a simple experiment trying to grow vines on a sweet potato in water. After weeks, nothing happened. So she asked the supermarket produce manager who told her sweet potatoes (along with cranberries, blueberries, carrots, onions, tomatoes, spinach, and beets) are sprayed with bud nip to stop the spread of vines.

It wasn’t until she found a purely organic sweet potato that she saw behavior one would expect from a potato placed in water.

Her Potato Project will open your eyes to things in our food supply, and perhaps provide fodder for a Science Sunday experiment in your home. What happens with your sweet potatoes?

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