[twitter]Charlie started doodling at the kitchen table after school today. I left him alone with a stack of paper and some markers, and when I looked over 10 minutes later, I saw he had spent the past 10 minutes drawing the Masterchef logo.


The boys have really gotten into reality shows this summer. The playground has become a course of American Ninja Warrior. Their puzzle books have become immunity challenges for Survivor. As we plan for a winter escape, the boys are asking to go on an Amazing Race. And now … Masterchef Junior.

You should really be watching this show with your kids. 8-12 year olds are whipping up sauces, desserts, and dishes that are jaw dropping. The kids are all talented and super super cute. Check out Oona presenting her pork tenderloin

See what I mean?! OMG. So the boys love Masterchef Junior. Today, when my latest box of goodies arrived from Life Made Delicious, they wanted to make all of it. So I suggested a Masterchef Junior competition.

2 kids baking chocolate chip cookies, no help from Mom and Dad. This was easy with a roll of Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough I already had in the fridge, some sprinkles and decorations from our baking cupboard, and some leftover Halloween candy.

Masterchef cookies

Masterchef aprons

We aproned them up, unwrapped the cookie dough and gave them each half, placed out the extra decorations in front of them alongside a cookie sheet, and let them go.

They took it so seriously. It was so much fun. They were narrating their dishes as they made them, they came over and presented their dishes to us for judgement like they were on the show, and they have a chance to express their creativity.

Charlie and Zacharie have a Masterchef Junior Bake Off

Masterchef Junior watches the oven

Masterchef Junior cookies

Charlie wanted to put everything in his cookies. Zacharie created little envelopes of dough with hidden treats inside.

The boys have always liked helping in the kitchen whether it’s cracking eggs orstirring the mix or licking the spoon, but to play “Masterchef Junior” and let them do it on their own at 4 and 7 was so much fun.

The pre-made Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough took away a lot of the prep work, and leveled the playing field. The boys just had to divide up their dough, mix in the treats, and shape the cookies – no help from parents (except when it came to using the oven).

In the end, the judges deemed the competition a tie. Of course.

Maybe next time we break out the big appliances and let them go? I mean, if 8 yr old Abby can make a lemon pie with jellybeans on her own, our boys can too. Right?

Disclosure: I am a paid brand ambassador for Life Made Delicious.

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  1. logan November 30, 2014 at 7:16 pm

    Great job !!!! Zacharie and Charlie, loved the video. Keep up the good work. Logan

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