Jimmy Page revealed in a BBC video this week the story behind Stairway to Heaven.

The song is meant to build in layers all the way through and the recorder bits at the beginning were meant to give a medieval feel.

Wait… recorder bits? As in the same instrument by Grade 3 son has been shrieking all school year? They recoreder Stairway to Heaven on a recorder?

Zacharie has been squeaking out Hot Cross Buns and Pancake and all sorts of nonsense for weeks. All this time he could have been playing Stairway to Heaven on recorder.

I poked around and found the sheet music for Stairway to Heaven on recorder and Zacharie did his decoding to try and break it down.

Stairway to Heaven recorder sheet music

“I don’t know how to play with two hands yet, daddy,” he explained as he chirped terribly through the music. Still, it gave me hope that he might just learn something other than Hot Cross Buns.

I get that recorders are a rite of passage in music school, and I love that he wants to learn, but I wish he would have the same attraction to playing piano or guitar or drums, or .. anything other than the recorder.

Still, my kid is learning to Stairway to Heaven. Win.

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