Games I Wish I Could Play On My Nest

I love my Nest. I can adjust the temperature no matter where I am in the house or (not in the house) and it’s saving us money. And because I can adjust the Nest with my iPhone, the kids love it too because, wow.. Daddy is sitting on the couch and he can make the dial move on the wall. That’s some real life magic right there.

But there’s something else. Because the kids see the magic and because the Nest has an app, the kids are expecting it to do other things. Come to think of it, I wish it could do other things too.

The Nest is connected to our router. It uses WiFi to know what the temperature is outside and to allow me to remotely control it through the app. So if this internet enabled smart thermostat is online, why can’t it … … run apps?

“Daddy, can I play Angry Birds on the wall dial?” It hasn’t happened yet, but I am expecting the question to come from down the hall any day. So I wondered what it would look like if I could play games on my Nest.

Playing Angry Birds On My Nest

You know what? It could happen.

The outer ring of the Nest could line up the launch angle while clicking the Nest could set the launch speed and release. Easy!

Which got me wondering what other magical games I could play on my Nest. Sure, it’s great at the gamification of my home heating, constantly encouraging me to chase that little leaf and set the temperature a half a degree cooler, but what if I could play .. Candy Crush on my Nest?

Playing Candy Crush On My Nest

It doesn’t even have to be these high maintenance Facebook-y games. We could go old school. What about Asteroids? It was practically made for the Nest – dial to spin, click to shoot, hold to accelerate.

Playing Asteroids On A Nest

Or Galaga?

galaga on a nest

Or Defender?

Defender On A Nest

And to those who think a simple thermostat is not the place to play games, even the most boring of old mobile phones came with games. How about Snake on your Nest?

Playing Snake On A Nest

It hasn’t happened yet.. but 10 years ago who ever thought we would be adjusting our thermostats from our phone while sitting in a movie theatre?

Thanks to Direct Energy for supporting Team Diabetes Canada and supplying me with a Nest so I can share my experience with you over the course of the year.

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  1. Dada Mike May 4, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    Games on Nest…hmmm. Get me some source code!! 🙂

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