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[twitter]The Calgary Stampede is many different things to many people. It can be about the rodeo, it can be about the rides, it can be about the agriculture, it can be about the beer tents. There is something from the top to the bottom of the demographic spectrum.

My Calgary Stampede experience is getting a little predictable, but that’s just fine. It’s the stuff traditions are made of. Each year, we carve out a day at the Calgary Stampede to spend as a family. It usually involves the same things every year, but the boys love it.

We get their faces painted

face painted  - DadCAMP

we grab some midway snacks

Mini popsicle pop  - DadCAMP

we wait in a very long line to race in the Kids’ Chuck Challenge

Boys at Chuck Challenge  - DadCAMP

Chuck Wagon Challenge - DadCAMP

we do some rides in the kids midway

Charlie Chopper  - DadCAMP

we play some games and win some prizes

Minecraft Swords  - DadCAMP

we see some animals

Turtles!  - DadCAMP

the boys get tired and cranky

long day  - DadCAMP

And we love all of it.

This year’s visit to the Calgary Stampede saw Zacharie win a medal for the third straight year in the kids’ Chuck Challenge and, for the second straight year, he handed his medal over to his little brother.

Zacharie at Kids Chuck Challenge  - DadCAMP

This time Z even went up to the big board where they had the kids’ names in order of finish and moved them around so it really did look like Charlie won the race.

It melted the race organizers’ hearts. I love seeing that spirit from my sons.

A day at The Calgary Stampede is the same thing for us every year we visit but, at the same time, it’s something we do to celebrate our home town spirit. We love getting dressed up. As much as the crowds can be a drain and the barns smell, the atmosphere of ‘the county fair’ is electric and a must-do each year for us.

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