The sound I most associate with my father from growing up is the splash of the water as he rinsed his razor, the tap tap of his metal handle against the sink, and the sandpapery grit as he shaved his wiry stubble.

I would stand at his hip, staring in amazement at the ritual of it. I’m sure little girls stared at their mother putting on make-up, I was fascinated by my dad shaving.

This summer I’ve partnered with Philips OneBlade to do some fun things with shaving, and it all centers around that early memory I have of shaving: fathers spending time with sons.

In this video I do my grooming with Charlie and talk to him about his hobbies, growing up, and hopes for the future. He’s a complete goofball, and I love it.

This post is sponsored by Philips OneBlade

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It gives a fast and even trim thanks to the stubble combs. The edger helps you line up your style more easily than ever. It gives a shave that’s not too close, and completely comfortable.

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