When my grandmother passed away, my biggest regret was that I didn’t have more video of her. I have folder upon folder of photos, but not that many videos.

Photos are a great way to jog a memory, videos bring them to life.

So, for my latest episode of Dads Talking To Kids While Shaving for Philips OneBlade, I spent half an hour in the bathroom with my nearly 93 yr old grandfather. We talked about the invention of electric razors, how he used to shave on navy ships, why he was such a successful salesman, life regrets, how to approach death, and perhaps, most importantly, why old men where the pants so high.

I’m so grateful that Philips OneBlade gave me the inspiration to create this video series. It gave me an excuse to have a wide ranging chat with my grandfather about life, and record it all. Here’s the edit:

Guys don’t have heart to hearts enough. It doesn’t get more manly than standing over a sink and shaving. So the next time you’re going to have a shave, invite your kids to come in and watch – and then talk. Like what I did with Charlie.

Or maybe, when you’re visiting your parents, or brother, or uncle, or grandfather, you can saddle up at the sink next to them and just shoot the shaving cream.  Like I did with Grumps.

Talk about health, give advice, ask questions of each other. Just have a real heart to heart. You’ll be glad you did.

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