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Sunsets weren’t quite the same this summer.

I’ve been spoiled the past few years I’ve lived on the prairies. While winters can last longer than I’d like, and it gets colder than comfortable too often, the blue sky days go on forever. Where trees touch the sky on the west coast where I grew up, the prairie reaches out on an eternal horizon in Alberta.

“Wow, that’s a lot of sky,” I remember saying to myself when I first drove across this place 20 yrs ago.

But this summer, ‘all that sky’ was nowhere to be seen. It was replaced by a thick haze. Forest fire season was out of control this year and Calgary had more than 250 hours of smokey sky filling the air.

It was the perfect summer to be testing out a Philips Series 2000 Air Purifier.

It’s an elegant unit, about knee high, that we positioned against a wall in our living room. We kept it in an open space that was still out of the way. Turning it on emits a low hum softer than a range hood fan, but with a similar sound. You know when it is on, but it’s just a quiet droning background sound that easily fades into the background.

When I first turned it on, I was reading the box that showed demonstrations of air quality from 1 – 10, our unit was registering our air as 12.

philips air purifier

As the machine worked away, the imposing red ring faded through purple and green and eventually a soothing light blue with an air quality reading of 2.

It was a stunning realization that, even though there were warnings for people with respiratory problems to not go outside, the air inside our house was likely not that much better. The Philips 2000 Series Air Purifier, however, changed that for us.

It was great during forest fire season, but this kind of air purifier can also work wonders during spring and fall allergy seasons. It uses 3 filters (pre-filter, True HEPA filter, Active Carbon filter) to capture up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns (the size of most common allergens, bacteria, and viruses) from the air that passes through the filter.

Our ratings of 12 are long gone, but after a particularly vigorous night of oily or smokey cooking in the kitchen, I can still see it creep up to 5 or 6. It’s incredible what how everyday living kicks all sorts of things up into the air, and the Philips 2000 Series Air Purifier is there to help us take a deep breath and breathe a little easier.

This post is sponsored by Philips

Philips 2000 SeriesWith professional-grade performance, the Philips 2000 Series Air Purifier‘s AeraSense technology detects even the slightest change in indoor air quality and auto-adjusts the fan speed to maintain clean air.

Shows real-time indoor air quality via color ring and numerical Indoor Allergen Index on the dashboard of the air purifier

Ideal for medium to large rooms such as your living room.

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