Pete Rose. Tiger Woods. Chris Brown. Lance Armstrong. And A World Without Heroes

terry fox vs lance armstrong

[twitter]Lance Armstrong was the closest thing I had to an idol.

I can’t describe how I have felt for the past 18 months when I finally came to the conclusion that Lance was a cheater, and lying about it.

It was an interview Tyler Hamilton did with 60 Minutes that finally convinced me. The news hit me like the day you found out George Michael was gay. I was speechless. I mean, I probably knew all along, but when I figured it out, it hurt.

Then the interview with Oprah, where Lance finally stopped lying and admitted he used banned substances to win. So now it’s not just supposition. It’s real. And the frustration is back.

We all seek mentors in life. People who will inspire us to reach our potential, and beyond it. For those who are passionate about athletics, it’s a natural thing to copy someone who is already successful. We can invest a lot of hope and dreams (and cash) into our idols oly to see it come crashing down. Just look at the resume of some of the biggest athletes and celebrities in our era:

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