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Christmas morning takes some planning. You put all that thought into the gift, you exhaust all that energy keeping the Santa story alive, you can’t just let things go at the last minute.

Holiday gift giving takes some extra preparedness to avoid Christmas morning meltdowns. I have a 7 and 10 yr old, I know.

The best thing you can do before Christmas morning is take that awesome gift out of the packaging and unclip all the wires fastening it to the cardboard.

Trust me, when you hit that Christmas morning home run, your little one doesn’t want to wait 7 minutes for you to untwist all the ties, clip all the cables, and release it to be played with.

They want it noooowwwwww!!!!!!

Christmas morning

But that’s just step one, friends. A gift given without the trusted batteries it needs is incomplete.

You need to make sure the toy is loaded with batteries, charged, and you know how to use this awesome gift.

So, for a few nights after the kids have gone to bed, master how to manuever that video game, crying doll, or remote control car.

This is good for many reasons: 1) nobody wants to read instructions on Christmas morning 2) you’ll get all the fun out of it before you hand it over 3) you’ll be able to explain how everything works

And those batteries you load up will not only give your kids a ton of fun, but they’ll help power the toys of kids spending Christmas in hospital.

As part of its holiday tradition, Duracell has been supporting Children’s Hospitals across Canada for 11 years through its partnership with Children’s Miracle Network (CMN). In addition to powering Children’s hospitals with batteries throughout the year, they also provide a monetary donation to CMN based on holiday battery sales at Walmart. Their goal is to raise $150,000.

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Be sure to stock up on Duracell batteries this holiday season, and trust they will make all your holiday toys a big hit.

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