For the past 3 summers, the boys have spent a week at bike camp, Pedalheads, learning the rules of the road and how to love riding a bike.

Actually, for a few of them, they’ve been learning to ride a bike. While I’ve tried to teach my sons how to ride, either their enthusiasm waned, or my patience shrunk and .. it never happened.

So I defaulted to the easy route and put training wheels back on, or left them on for turns around our subdivision.

2 years ago it was Zacharie who finally shed the helpers and, this summer, Charlie did it too.

It really is a matter of pushing them out of the nest, and with a week of 9a-4p summer camp centred around cycling, there’s lots of time to practice. On day 1 the instructor took of Charlie’s training wheels. He was going to do it or not, but he wasn’t going to have an easy crutch when he tried.

The first two days didn’t bring much improvement. There were scraped knees and elbows, and while Charlie could make it around with some help from an adult, he leaned on that person heavily and would crash if you let him go.

Charlie at Pedalheads

Days 3 and 4 and Charlie was still trying hard, but we found his bike was about an inch too tall for him. Even with a lowered seat, his feet couldn’t touch to scootch him along and practice gliding, so the Pedalheads team had to give him extra attention.

Charlie at Pedalheads

Then, on Day 5, when I arrived for pickup, we had the miracle moment. The kids were playing hide and seek in the shade on a hot day, and when Charlie’s instructor saw me she encouraged Charlie to “show your dad what you can do.” He needed some help to get going, but then she let go and …

Charlie did it! Charlie can ride a bike!

I cannot recommend Pedalheads enough for your kids. For those still on trikes to those wanting to ride the roads and trails, and everything in between, Pedalheads puts on a daycamp filled with positivity and encouragement and achievement.

My boys love going, the instructors are always smiling and showing the kids a good time, and we’ve already made plans to go back again next summer .. “In level 3!,” Charlie beams.

Both boys can ride now and all that’s left is for me to try and keep up as my little birds learn to love the freedom bike riding can bring a kid.

There are still spots in weeklong full day and half day Pedalheads camps for kids across Canada. Look them up and get your kids off the training wheels or learning the rules of the road and becoming a confident cyclist!

Next up for the boys is a visit to Heroheads in August. This is a superhero inspired half-day camp that has boys determined to become Ninja Warriors!

Disclosure: Pedalheads is a brand partner of DadCAMP

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