I’m not quite a dad blogger in a style blogger’s body, but there is one in here somewhere.

Back in my early 20s, I watched Tim Blanks’ Fashion File with religious devotion. I followed the supermodel era of Naomi, Linda, and Claudia with zeal. I still remember my first trip to San Francisco when I clutched a copy of GQ looking for that mock turtleneck I had seen in the Macy’s ad.

I used to care about fashion. A lot.

Now? Well, now kids get in the way, and I’m not afraid to admit that my #dadstyle is not as avant garde as it was a decade and a half ago. But I stick to some basic, classic, simple wardrobe pieces, and I’m looking good. Jeans and a black dress shirt never steered anyone wrong, let me tell you.

Still, I linger over fashion when it crosses my path. When a think piece on parkas in the Wall Street Journal fell into my feed, I devoured it. I’m nerdy like that.

“I like to wear things that are unique, and the parka at this point is just extremely run-of-the-mill.” 

Yes, the fashion section of the newspaper churned out over 700 words as to why the furry, hooded winter jacket, is no longer the piece style icons are choosing this winter.

The parka, my friends, is dead. Enter the puffer jacket.

‘‘A puffer is fun and feels youthful in a way that traditional parkas do not.’’

Puffers appeared on men’s runways in Paris starring, to ridiculous proportions, in shows by Raf Simmons and Dior Homme. My #dadstyle is not about couture culture anymore, but if I can bring that cutting edge into my functional wardrobe pieces? Hook me up.

Mark’s has become my home base for my #dadstyle. The Denver Hayes Never Iron shirts are absolutely perfect. My Levi’s 541 are a perfect daily staple.

While Mark’s is Canada’s #1 retailer for jeans they also have a wide selection of outerwear – and lots of puffers.

Winter Puffer Jackets at Mark's

Not only do they have great coats and jackets to keep you warm this winter, they have a wide selection of boots too.

Men's Winter Footwear at Mark's

And then, as I was wandering Mark’s, I found the perfect compromise, a wonderfully warm puffer parka from Koldtec! Because when you have #DadStyle, I can’t perfectly be on trend, because that would be weird.

puffer parka at Mark's

That should get your #dadstyle off to a warm start! I’m not as couture as I once was, but I still look good!

This post is sponsored by Mark’s


Mark’s has a wide selection of national brands like WindRiver, Columbia, FarWest, and Helly Hansen. 

There is a selection of outwear for every activity from winter hiking to stylish coats you can wear on the walk to the office.

From shoveling snow, going for a winter walk, or something more dressed up for holiday parties, Mark’s has you covered.

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