Super Parents

My kids have a tickle trunk filled with costumes. Halloween is a day to just decide which one they will wear. Astronaut? Cars mechanic? Dragon? Dinosaur? Superman? Spider-Man? They have them all.

I do too. I have a tickle trunk of costumes that I can mix and match to create A black hoodie and a Darth Vader mask. My full Super Buzz costume. A princess tiara. A foam wig and superhero cape.

When you’re a parent, you dress up for Halloween. I mean, why wouldn’t you? Having parents costumes is just one of those things where having kids helps you feel like a kid again.

So I have a bucket of parents costumes and the boys look forward to me getting goofy as much as they look forward to it. We’re not the type to dress up in family costumes, but this year we did theme things up a bit.

One of Z’s friends has a very large themed Halloween party each year. Last year the theme was movie stars, so we went as Wayne and Garth.

Wayne's World Halloween Costume

This year, the theme was Superheroes and Disney characters. So we were a super family of Super Mom, Super Buzz, Spider-Cat, and Aquaman / Lizard Man / Fiery Dragon.

Super Family

Sometimes our costumes are simple, just a tiara or a witch’s hat, a pumpkin shirt, and cycling gear.



20091031 halloween - 02

Sometimes we get right into it. Rest assured, when Halloween rolls around, we will dress up, we will feel like a kid again, we will get into it. Just because.

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