[twitter]A post from The Daddy Complex is going viral this week as a rallying cry for parents who are just trying too hard, and worrying too much.

The parenting trend he preaches is CTFD, and it speaks to me in volumes, as the exact demonstrations of the trend he gives in his post are 5 exact things I have had angst about this week.

Worried your friend’s child has mastered the alphabet quicker than your child? Calm the fuck down.
Scared you’re not imparting the wisdom your child will need to survive in school and beyond? Calm the fuck down.
Concerned that you’re not the type of parent you thought you’d be? Calm the fuck down.
Upset that your child doesn’t show interest in certain areas of learning? Calm the fuck down.
Stressed that your child exhibits behavior in public you find embarrassing? Calm the fuck down.
[via The Daddy Complex]

Zacharie is 6. He can’t read. He doesn’t like change (starting a new day camp always comes with drama). He can’t ride his bike. He shuts down when he doesn’t get his way.

I need to CTFD. I love my kid. He’s a great, empathetic, supportive child. He will learn eventually. I need to have patience. I need to CTFD.

Actually, we could all use a dose of CTFD.

New Parenting Trend: CTFD
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