Parenting Milestones

Which milestone in life are you looking forward to sharing the most with your kids?

Is it taking them to their first hockey game? First day of school? Driving lessons? Moving out?

We bought some road hockey sticks with Zacharie at Canadian Tire this week. They’re supposed to be for Christmas, I’m betting they don’t stay in the hiding spot til Halloween.

The kid is attracted to hockey naturally. Sure, I’m a sports fan, but he’s become obsessed about the game in the past month without any prompting. I saw some skates on the wall and decided to try them on him. “I need skates!” he implored for the next few minutes. I can’t wait to take him skating for the first time.

Zacharie‘s only 2 1/2, and I know there are many moments in life he’s too young for, but I’m just so eager to share the milestones of life with him.

For Penn Jillette, the moment he has spent years waiting for was sharing an actual appreciation of The Three Stooges with his kids, Zolton and Moxie.


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